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  • 49ers.deep
    49ers.deep You are correct? Viewing it from outside of USA's citizens perception and without USA's interference nor indoctrination, the left is too busy trying to pass Bills that would benefit the people while the right loves their memes. You know what they say,...  more
    Apr 2
  • Randywalker
    Randywalker Really, I can’t name one bill the left has passed that’s help me. Please feel free and enlighten me. Name a bill that I benefit from.

    Build back better?...  more
    Apr 2
  • 49ers.deep
    49ers.deep I have no doubt you haven't heard about these:
    -Veteran Cola Act of 2023.
    -Veterans Affairs Major Medical Facility Authorization Act 2023.
    -Pala Band of Mission Indians Land Transfer Act of...  more
    Apr 5